15 December, 2022
building quote sydney

How to get a builders quote?

Building your house is a lifetime project and an exciting opportunity to have your own home. However, complex projects, such as building a house from scratch, can go wrong in many ways. Finding a reliable builder can make or break your house building project. Therefore, assessing the builders quote is just a first step in choosing a reliable builder. What […]
1 November, 2022
building regulations NSW

Home Building Act NSW

The Home Building Act NSW is one of the most significant legal acts that regulate residential construction projects and all its subjects. In the following blog post, we’ll see what are the main areas this act covers, and what rights you have as a homeowner according to the act. What is the Home Building Act 1989? The Home Building Act […]
4 October, 2022

How to claim Airbnb tax deductions in Australia?

There’s been a lot of misunderstandings regarding the Airbnb tax deductions, specifically on how to claim it, what you can claim, and how much you can claim, as an Airbnb host. The issue has been troublesome to Airbnb rental property owners who are just starting out and want to use their property for rental purposes. The Airbnb tax rules are […]
2 August, 2022

Capital Works Deductions (Division 43)

As a property investor in Australia, dealing with tax deductions can be overwhelming. There are two main types of deductions that you, as a property investor, can claim. We know it can be quite difficult to differentiate between Division 40 (deductions on plants and equipment) and Division 43 (capital works deductions). In the following post, we’re going to dig deeper and […]
4 July, 2022

Division 40 depreciation

Division 40 regulates tax deductions you can claim on removable assets. These assets can significantly decline in value during their use, and that’s why Division 40 is important. What is Division 40 depreciation? Division 40 is also known as plant and equipment depreciation, or, in other words, depreciation related to the removable assets in a residential or commercial property. It […]
20 April, 2022
cost of building a house sydney

Cost of Building a House in Sydney in 2022

How much does it cost to build a house in Sydney in 2022? This might be a complex question since building costs are subject to constant change. Recent data has shown that Sydney is the most expensive city in Australia. Therefore, we should advise investigating the latest trends in the cost of building a house in Sydney before making a […]
27 December, 2021
capital gains tax on investment property

Capital Gains Tax on Investment Property Australia

Investing is often intertwined with capital gains taxes. Knowing how to manage your capital gains tax on investment property is vital for managing your investment projects. What are capital gains on investment property? Capital gains on investment property are a surplus you obtain when you sell your property for a larger money sum than you purchased it. It can be […]
15 October, 2021
nsw building regulations

Building regulations NSW

The latest legislative changes in the construction industry took effect starting on July 1st, 2021. Therefore, Building Regulations NSW is now enriched with the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 and Residential Apartment Buildings Act 2020, which also became effective on July 1st, 2021. We analysed the possible effects of the legislation on the construction industry in NSW, and here […]
15 July, 2021
building consultancy

Construction Risk Management Plan

As construction projects become more expensive and complex, risk management plans become an integral part of the construction process. If neglected, risks revolving around health and safety or unplanned financial costs can rise.  However, it’s not always easy to create a proper and effective construction risk management plan. The first step is always detecting potential risk factors and analysing their […]