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Litigation Support Services for Construction Companies

The litigation process can heavily impact your business, as there is no guaranteed outcome. This can be taxing and very stressful, as you may be unsure of how the process will unfold and what the outcome will be. Therefore, it is essential to find experts to support you during the litigation process which can help you to understand the process, and develop the proper strategy.

Here at Property & Building Assessments, we offer litigation support services for all types of building and construction projects, and assist in all areas of litigation and disputes.

What is Litigation Support?

Litigation is when two parties go to court to resolve a legal dispute. Litigation support services are used to help lawyers investigate and prepare for a case. These services can be helpful for complex cases, especially those involving financial or economic issues. Law firms and legal departments seek the assistance of litigation support professionals, who are dedicated to providing the specialized services required by increasingly complex lawsuits, especially with the growth of new digital technologies. Litigation support includes a range of tasks, including document review, ediscovery, expert witness services, case analysis, and trial preparation, which can vary depending on the specific case.

Why is Litigation Important?

Construction industry is defined by building standards, codes, and regulations. All construction projects should be completed in accordance to the National Construction Code that defines the base legal, safety, technical, and design requirements for construction industry. However, in reality, construction projects can have many defects, so they can breach the imposed legal standards and codes. In those cases, litigation support is a legal remedy, as it helps affected parties claim compensation for any damage or injury.

What Do Litigation Support Professionals Assist With?

Litigation support specialists assist attorneys on different tasks such as reviewing documents, take care of the databases, analyse the contracts, and much more. A litigation support professional should possess a combination of tech, data management, and regulatory requirements.

Our litigation experts at PBAQS have extensive experience in the litigation support field, and numerous businesses have trusted us and our reputation. We have helped numerous clients with business disputes in diverse industries.

Benefits of Litigation Support

There are many benefits to using litigation support services. Here are some of the most common:

  • Increased efficiency – litigation support can contribute to saving time and money
  • Improved accuracy – improving the quality of case preparation and ensuring the evidence is accurately reviewed
  • Reduced litigation cost by avoiding the costly mistakes
  • Increased chances of a successful outcome
  • Improved communication between different stakeholders in the litigation process

How to Find the Best Litigation Support Specialist?

Identifying the right litigation support professional can appear daunting, given the multitude of options available, making it challenging to determine the best fit for your needs. Ideally, a litigation specialist should possess the following skills:

  • Experience with complex lawsuits
  • In-depth law knowledge, with focus on litigation process
  • Finance knowledge and financial analysis skills and reporting
  • Complex database management
  • An understanding of the discovery process
  • Great communication skills
  • IT skills - well versed in different hardware and software solutions
  • Critical thinking and data analysis skills

How Can We Assist You?

As building litigation support professionals, we can help with:

  • Expert witness services
  • Electronic discovery and document management
  • Trial presentations
  • Construction and contract document analysis
  • Legal research
  • Data analysis
  • Creating building defect reports
  • Creating reports suitable for litigation purposes
  • Providing expert evidence

At Property & Building Assessments, we provide litigation support services tailored to meet the needs of both commercial and residential property owners, builders, and developers throughout Sydney and the entire NSW region. If you're facing a legal challenge or intricate litigation matter, rely on our expertise to navigate through complexities and changes in the legal landscape.

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