Due Diligence Reports: The Complete Guide

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15 May, 2021
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15 July, 2021

The Technical Due Diligence (TDD) Report is a technical document, which unveils all the potential risk when purchasing a property. It is also widely known as an Acquisition Report. The Due Diligence Report represents a meticulously made record of existing features of a property, emphasising both its highlights and drawbacks; its current condition, and a summary of potential maintenance work over the course of the life of the property, or at a specific time. 

In practice the Acquisition Report is a compilation of thoroughly gathered information, analysis, analytical reports on the physical aspects of the property, land or both. 

Why is the Technical Due Diligence Report So Important? 

No matter if you’re trying to sell or buy a property, having a Due Diligence Report is a very practical asset. It is a vital project risk management tool, as it helps assess all risks associated with making a major financial decision. 

As we mentioned above, the TDD report will detail all the positive and negative aspects of a property, as well as possible risks, both to you and potential investors. It is required for evaluating accuracy, commercial integrity, financial stability, and functional competence integrity. It provides the clarity of the risks that are associated with ownership and occupancy of property assets from a technical perspective.  

When do You Need a Technical Due Diligence Report? 

The TDD report is primarily prepared in case of one of these scenarios: 

  • Property or asset acquisition  
  • Property or asset occupation 
  • Property or asset disposal 
  • Property or asset development 

 How Can We Help You Out with the Technical Due Diligence Report?

TDD reports are made for specific use cases. For each property, the reports need to be custom-made to tackle that exact use case. To make sure that all the risks are detected, cost estimations are made and all the aspects of your future asset are addressed. 

Our Technical Due Diligence Service includes: 

  • Analysing the client’s brief and defining the required service 
  • Sharing advice on what elements of property should be inspected 
  • Services evaluation 
  • Detailed examination of all provided documentation, including both technical and legal ones 
  • Accurate and comprehensive inspection of the property and/or land 
  • Contact and coordination of potential sub-consultants 
  • Preparation of the Technical Due Diligence Report, according to the RICS Best Practice Guidance Notes 
  • Communication with other members of acquisition team (layers, agents, investment advisors, etc.) 
  • Communication with Client’s legal team 
  • Post report meetings and advising with Client  
  • Post report services may include additional re-inspections on demand, answering some new potential questions or concerns.